16-18 MAY 2024


The EADV Symposium

The EADV Symposium stands as a premier international gathering devoted to dermatology and venereology, offering a dynamic platform for the exchange of knowledge, collaboration, and the presentation of cutting-edge research findings. This event features a comprehensive programme comprising interactive and specialized sessions that span the entire spectrum of topics, including but not limited to atopic dermatitis, acne, hair disorders, surgery, and paediatric dermatology, among others.

The Symposium provides an exceptional opportunity for networking, bringing together healthcare professionals passionate about advancing their expertise and careers at a leading European event dedicated to skin and venereal health.

Letter from the President Prof. Martin Röcken

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Welcome to the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (EADV) Spring Symposium, taking place in Malta from 16-18 May 2024. As President of the EADV, I am deeply honoured to invite you to this event.

Spring Symposia hold a special place in the EADV calendar, emphasizing our commitment to European inclusiveness while allowing for in-depth exploration of specific topics. For this much-anticipated event, we’ve chosen the picturesque backdrop of Malta.

The core values of our academy are beautifully embodied in our symposium’s theme, “Deep Knowing to Keep Growing.” We are dedicated to promoting continuous learning and growth in the ever-evolving field of dermatology and venereology. We firmly believe that by delving into the profound depths of our discipline, we can collectively advance and achieve new levels of understanding and expertise.

Our distinguished Scientific Programming Committee is diligently crafting a program that will captivate and inspire. We’ll delve into recent breakthroughs in translational dermatology, advanced treatment modalities, and emerging trends in patient care.

This symposium offers a unique opportunity to connect with specialists and colleagues from around the world who share your passion for dermatology and venereology. Together, we will experience a tailor-made programme covering valuable insights and the latest updates in crucial areas such as acne management, pigmentary disorders, atopic dermatitis, and paediatric dermatology.

I wholeheartedly invite you to join us on the beautiful island of Malta, where the synergy of knowledge and the spirit of collaboration will create an unforgettable experience. Our goals include deepening our understanding and cultivating enduring relationships that will continue to flourish long after the symposium concludes.

Narak dalwaqt f’Malta!

Prof. Dr. Martin Röcken
2022-2024 President of the EADV

Letter from Maltese Association of Dermatology & Venereology

Dear colleagues,

The Maltese Association of Dermatology and Venereology (MADV) looks forward to welcoming you to Malta for the 2024 EADV Spring Symposium. When, almost 6 years ago, we bid to host the Spring Symposium, no one imagined the event would have to be postponed for so long due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are delighted it has finally arrived!

Despite the MADV being possibly the smallest European National Society, we have been active in European Dermatology, and EADV in particular, over the years. Most of us are EADV members and several have contributed as EADV Board members, committee members and chairs, and as speakers at EADV congresses and symposia. Our founding President Joseph Pace was EADV Secretary General (2004-2010). Involvement in European dermatology is important to us and helps overcome our limitations due to our peripheral location and small size.

Malta has a long tradition in medical education with the University of Malta Medical School having been founded in 1676 by the Knights of St John in Valletta. The first-ever EADV Spring Symposium was held in Malta in 2003. It was a big success and since then the annual Spring Symposium has become an established part of the EADV calendar, emphasising the Academy’s commitment to dermatology and venereology throughout all of Europe.

The 2024 EADV Spring Symposium will follow several other successful past medical meetings in Malta and will consolidate our island’s natural role as a ‘medical bridge’ between Europe, Africa and beyond. Our historically close relations with neighbouring Mediterranean and North African countries will encourage good regional participation.

As always, the Symposium will be an excellent educational and networking opportunity. You can expect the usual high-level EADV scientific programme which will have a focus on migrant dermatology and venereology, so relevant to Malta today, another on atopic dermatitis and much more.

Above all, we promise you the warmest of welcomes from the entire Maltese dermatology community. The weather in Malta in May is likely to be excellent and we hope many of you will take the opportunity to extend your stay by a few days or more to enjoy what our beautiful country, with our chequered history and hospitable people, has to offer.

Narawk dalwaqt f’Malta – See you soon in Malta!

Lawrence Scerri
President MADV

Michael Boffa
Past President MADV
Chairman, Dept of Dermatology & Venereology
Mater Dei Hospital, Malta


Carefully read the below description to make sure you/your delegates are compliant with Malta’s regulations.

EADV Members are not designated as Healthcare Professionals by default

Please, define the correct status (HCP or Non-HCP) during the registration process.


According to the European Union Directive 2001/83 /EC (and amended version 2010/84/EU), the promotion of prescription only medicines should be directed solely at Healthcare Professionals or any person who is authorised to prescribe or handle them.

As a multidisciplinary audience will be attending the EADV Symposium, the delegates must  indicate if they are Healthcare Professionals (HCP) or Non-Healthcare Professionals (Non-HCP) to ensure compliance with these regulations.

Access to the different areas and sessions of the Symposium depends on the status as Healthcare Professional or as Non-Healthcare Professional. 

The Pharmaceutical Research Based Industry Malta Association (2014) defines HCP as:

Any member of the medical, dental, pharmacy or nursing professions or any other person who in the course of his or her professional activities may prescribe, purchase, supply or administer a medicinal product. “

Industry sessions and advertising

Sections of the code also relevant to a congress held in Malta:

Any such promotional material (excluding promotional aids) is accompanied by a suitable statement indicating countries in which the product is registered and makes clear that the product or use is not registered locally, and any such promotional material which refers to the prescribing information (indications, warnings etc.) authorized in a country or countries where the medicinal product is registered should be accompanied by an explanatory statement indicating that registration conditions differ internationally.

Satellite Symposia presenting data on the development, research or other issues related to prescription medicine can be restricted to Healthcare Professionals and Industry Participants only upon indication provided by the Industry Session Organizer. All promotional materials and marketing aids related to these industry sessions should be strictly limited to HCPs only.

Industry Session organisers could limit participation to certain representative groups independently from the EADV recommendations if deemed imperative to the achievement of the intended purpose of the Industry session. The organising company reserves the right to refuse single categories, in particular if not adequately related to the objective and purpose of the session.

The industry session organizer is responsible for the compliance of the session.

Other categories

STUDENTS are NOT considered as Healthcare Professionals under the current guidelines and will be automatically classified as NON-HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS.

PATIENT ASSOCIATION REPRESENTATIVES must indicate whether they are Healthcare Professionals or not at registration.