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16-18 MAY 2024

EADV Scholarships

The EADV Honours and Awards Committee, under the chairpersonship of Prof. Asja Prohic, offers Scholarships consisting of complimentary registration, a travel stipend of 1000 EUR and a one-year EADV membership for the 2025 calendar year.

EADV Scholarships are only assigned to those participants travelling to Malta to attend the Symposium in person.

The Scholarships offered by EADV

Michael Hornstein Memorial Scholarship

EADV will offer this scholarship to one selected applicant from each Central, Eastern, Western & Northern European country.

John Stratigos Memorial Scholarship

EADV will offer this scholarship to one selected applicant from each Southern European & Mediterranean country.

Imrich Sarkany non-European Memorial Scholarship

EADV will offer this scholarship to a maximum of twelve (12) young dermato-venereologists from non-European countries.

In case of doubts on the Scholarship you need to apply for (according to your working country), please consult this list or contact

Mandatory criteria

  • Must be a Resident/Trainee OR a Specialist in Dermatology and/or Venereology OR a Scientist * in the related field
  • Must be under 40 years of age (at the time of the application)
  • Must not have previously received one of the above EADV Scholarships
  • Must have adequate knowledge of the English language
  • Will be expected to prepare a brief report at the conclusion of their experience

* Scientists are required to reach a minimum of 25 points to be eligible, while the other two categories are required a minimum of 5 points

Required documentation (in English)

  • The Scholarship Application Form completed online
  • A short CV (not more than 3 pages)
  • A list of publications written as explained in the document “How to prepare my publications list” available here. Please download the relevant list of publications template from here.
  • A letter of support (endorsing the application) on official headed paper, written, signed, and stamped either by the training director or head of department
  • A confirmation of professional status, one of the below:
    • A current copy in English of the applicant’s training certificate indicating the start and end date 
    • OR The original copy in English (or certified translation) of the applicant’s specialist certificate 
    • OR A confirmation of current engagement in full-time research/PhD studies in Dermatology and/or Venereology and/or Cutaneous Biology related subjects
  • A copy of ID (i.e. identity card, passport)

IMPORTANT: Only complete applications filled in according to the requested format will be considered by the Honours and Awards Committee. Applications submitted for the wrong scholarship or that are incomplete and/or not filled in properly will be automatically rejected.

Scoring system

Evaluation of EADV Scholarship applications is made based on an objective assessment of the applicant’s scientific activities.

Points are awarded according to the following scoring system:

Typology of publication 1st or last author (Number of points) Any other place in the authors’ list (Number of points)
Paper published in a journal indexed in PubMed 10 5
Book or chapter published by an international publisher 8 4
Paper published in a journal NOT indexed in PubMed 5 2.5
Book or chapter published by a national publisher 4 2
Poster or oral presentation presented in an international congress 1 0
Poster or oral presentation presented in a national congress 0.5 0

How to apply

Submit your online application on the MyEADV platform in the “Opportunities” section

Access with your MyEADV credentials if you already have a profile (i.e. if you are an EADV Member or if you already accessed any EADV-related platform) OR Create your profile.

For any questions, please contact

Justin M.

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