EADV Membership renewal


  • The EADV membership runs from 1 January to 31 December of each year. If you renew partway through the year, you will be charged the full annual membership amount.
  • When a membership payment is not credited on the EADV account by the given deadline (31.01), the membership account is automatically disabled by the system and the member benefits are suspended until the dues are settled.
  • Please kindly note that the deadline to renew your membership is 31 January 2024. Payments must be credited to the Academy (i.e. visible on the EADV account) by 31.01.2024 (at the latest). Payments received from 01.02.2024 onwards will not be considered as received within the deadline. No exceptions are possible.
  • A late payment will enable you to restore your membership right away but your voting rights will only be reinstated in January 2025, you will be therefore prevented from the right to vote and (if the case) to support/maintain the presence of your country within the Board, standing for elections and endorsing nominations and/or membership applications, etc.
  • 2024 membership renewals are available starting from November 2023 and will be possible until 20 September 2024.
  • Should you wish to receive a printed version of the JEADV by post, to ensure delivery starting from January 2024, please be sure to settle your dues no later than 15 NOV 2023. After this deadline, due to usual publishing delays, you will start receiving the paper Journal 2 months after payment (previous issues will not be delivered)
  • If you did not renew your dues for one or more years, please contact membership@eadv.org before proceeding to the payment.


Payment may easily be performed by placing an order:

  • By credit card (Visa/Mastercard) or Maestro (if enabled for online payments) though our secure website
  • By bank transfer, using the below details:
    Beneficiary: European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology – Via S. Balestra 22B – 6900 Lugano – Switzerland
    Bank: Credit Suisse AG, 8070 Zurich, Switzerland
    Currency: Euro
    IBAN: CH66 0483 5144 7671 7200 0
    Ref: 2024 – Name + Surname

How to amend your invoice details or billing address

In the event any specific details (i.e. VAT number, purchase order number, …) or a different billing address needs to be displayed on your invoice, please contact membership@eadv.org before the payment of the relevant fee is processed.

The member is responsible for maintaining true, current, and accurate billing and payment information in their membership profile to facilitate renewal.

Should you need to request any change to your invoice, contact us at the same time of the payment. Upon closure of the fiscal year, it will no longer be possible to modify an invoice or re-emit it.

Member’s personal details

Enrolment details can be reviewed, modified, and managed via the member’s EADV online profile on MyEADV (correspondence address), or by contacting EADV Membership Team (if name or email address need to be amended). The member is responsible for ensuring a reliable communication channel with the EADV Membership department, making sure that a current email address and profile information are up to date.


The Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (JEADV) publishes articles of general and practical interest in the field of dermatology and venereology including clinical and basic science topics, and research with practical implications. It includes Guidelines, reviews, clinical trials and original articles.

While paying your membership dues you have the chance to select between two options:

  • Membership with an online version of the JEADV
  • Membership with a hard-copy and online version of the JEADV

Both options include the online consultation of the JEADV issues (access into the member area is required), while, with the second option, you select to receive as well the hard copies of the journal.

Important information:

  • The journal purchase can be done in a second time if, while paying your dues, you selected the online (only) version option.
  • Due to usual publishing delays, the journal is dispatched starting from two months after the payment is received. Past arrears of the same year are not delivered.
  • The delivery address is the one displayed on your member profile. It is possible to modify the correspondence details within the “My Account” section you find on the MyEADV platform. The journal will be delivered to your new address after 2 months.

  • To avoid possible delivery issues, please make sure that the delivery address is always up-to-date.

  • If, at the due time, the issues are not punctually received, please promptly inform us at membership@eadv.org For late notifications (i.e. for the previous year or if more than 4 months are passed), no second shipment can be arranged.

Voting rights

As stated by the EADV Statutes,

  • The first twelve calendar months’ membership represents a qualifying period. During this period Members are not entitled to the ordinary rights of membership, including the rights to vote, to stand for any elections, to endorse membership applications and to propose or second any candidates for election. Voting rights are therefore acquired (by eligible member categories) after 12 months of active membership and only if the current year’s dues have been received by the EADV within the relevant deadline (31.01)
  • Eligibility to vote: every Associate, Fellow, Junior, Honorary, Senior, Nurse and Medical Assistant and International Fellow/Junior Member has one vote
  • Corporate Members and Student Members are not entitled to vote as set out in Article 5 (G) (2) for Corporate Members and Article 5 (J) (2) for Student Members.

Your Voting Country is displayed within your profile on MyEADV. Should you wish to modify your representing country, please inform membership@eadv.org. Requests received by 31 January will be considered for the current year, after this deadline, requests will only apply for the next year.

Renew your membership now

You can renew your membership by settling your dues in the MyProfile > Fees section on MyEADV.