EADV Membership renewal

How to renew your EADV Membership

Membership duration

Your EADV membership is valid from 1 January to 31 December every year. If you decide to renew your membership partway through the year, you will need to pay the full annual fee.

Renewal deadline

Please remember to renew your membership by 31 January. Payments should be credited to the Academy’s account by this date. Payments received after 1 February, will not be considered on time. No exceptions can be made. If your membership payment is not received by 31 January, your account will be automatically disabled, and your member benefits suspended until the dues are settled.

Late payment

If you make a late payment, your membership will be restored immediately.
However, your voting rights will not be reinstated until January 2025.

Renewal period

Membership renewals for 2024 will be open from November 2023 until September 20th, 2024.

Past due dues

If you haven’t renewed your dues for one or more years, please contact our Team at before proceeding with payment.

Payment options

You can make payments easily through the following methods:

Credit Card: You can use Visa, Mastercard, or Maestro (if enabled for online payments) on our secure website.

Bank Transfer: You can also make a payment via bank transfer using the following details:

  • Beneficiary: European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology – Via S. Balestra 22B – 6900 Lugano – Switzerland
  • Bank: Credit Suisse AG, 8070 Zurich, Switzerland
  • Currency: Euro
  • IBAN: CH66 0483 5144 7671 7200 0
  • Reference: “2024 – [Your Name and Surname]”

Updating Invoice Details or Billing Address

If you need to include specific details like a VAT number or purchase order number on your invoice, or if you need to use a different billing address, please reach out to us at before making your payment.

Member Responsibility: It is important for members to maintain true, current, and accurate billing and payment information in their membership profile to ensure smooth renewal.

If you need to request any changes to your invoice, please contact us at the same time you make your payment. Once the fiscal year is closed, we will not be able to modify or re-issue invoices.

Managing Member’s personal details

You can review, modify, and manage your enrollment details through your EADV online profile on MyEADV. If you need to change your correspondence address, you can do so online. For amendments to your name or email address, please contact the EADV Membership Team directly.

Member Responsibility: It is important to maintain reliable communication with the EADV Membership department. Please ensure that your email address and profile information are kept up to date.


The Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (JEADV) publishes a wide range of articles covering dermatology and venereology, including clinical and basic science topics, guidelines, reviews, clinical trials, and original research with practical implications.

Membership Options

When you pay your membership dues, you can choose between two options:

  1. Membership with online access to JEADV.
  2. Membership with both online access and hard-copy delivery of JEADV.

Important Information:

  • Both options include the online consultation of the JEADV issues (access into the member area is required), while, with the second option, you select to receive as well the hard copies of the journal.
  • If you initially select the online-only option but later decide you want the hard-copy version, you can purchase it separately.
  • Due to publishing delays, journal dispatch begins two months after payment. Past arrears for the same year are not delivered.
  • The delivery address is taken from your member profile, which you can update in the “My Account” section of the MyEADV platform. If you update your address, the journal will be delivered to the new address after two months.
  • To ensure smooth delivery, please keep your delivery address up-to-date and that work and private information are not mixed (i.e., by having your private address and the name of the working institute displayed)
  • If you do not receive your issues on time, please notify us promptly at Late notifications (e.g., for the previous year or more than four months after publication) may not be eligible for a second shipment.

Voting rights

According to the EADV Statutes:

The first twelve calendar months of membership serve as a qualifying period. During this time, members do not have the ordinary rights of membership, including the rights to vote, stand for elections, endorse membership applications, or propose or second any candidates for election. Voting rights are acquired by eligible member categories after 12 months of active membership, and only if the current year’s dues are received by the EADV by the relevant deadline (31.01).

Category Eligibility to Vote: Every Associate, Fellow, Junior, Honorary, Senior, Nurse, Medical Assistant, and International Fellow/Junior Member has one vote. Corporate Members and Student Members are not entitled to vote as outlined in Article 5 (G) (2) for Corporate Members and Article 5 (J) (2) for Student Members.

Your Voting Country is displayed within your profile on MyEADV. If you wish to modify your representing country, please inform Requests received by January 31st will be considered for the current year. Requests received after this deadline will only apply for the next year.

Renew your membership now

You can renew your membership by settling your dues in the MyProfile > Fees section on MyEADV.