EADV engages with policymakers and stakeholders to strengthen the position of dermatology venereology and increase awareness about skin and sexual health and prevention.

Burden of Skin Disease Supplement Issue

The EADV has published a Supplement Issue on the Burden of Skin Disease in the JEADV. 
This study is the largest of its kind ever undertaken in Europe. 

Call to action on chronic inflammatory skin disease

On October 24th, EADV members met with members of the European Parliament and other EU policymakers to raise awareness of the burden of skin disease and to call for concerted efforts to reduce their impact on individuals, the economy and society.

Advocacy highlights:

Joint Statement

On the occasion of World Cancer Day, EADV launches its Joint Statement on skin cancer prevention, a call for policy action signed by 58 stakeholder organisations and Members of the European Parliament.

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