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EADV supports excellence in research through its Project Proposal programme. Make your research idea a published reality through the EADV grant opportunities. 

Project Proposal 2023 Call is now closed

Notification will be sent out to all selected grantees in autumn 2023.

Thank you for participating.

  • An investigator cannot apply in more than one project as a Project Leader in a single round proposal;
  • An investigator cannot apply as a Project Leader if he/she already has an approved project that is being funded by the PPRC and has not been completed;
  • Executive officers of the EADV are not eligible to apply for a grant by the PPRC as Project Leaders;
  • Board members and Committee chairs/members may apply as Project Leaders or co-investigators for PPRC funding but cannot be personally compensated through the grant;
  • Funding will be firstly allocated at the end of the submission year;
  • The funding period essentially starts at the beginning of the year that follows the submission. Please consider this for the project timeplan and budget.
Criteria for evaluation

A project which is in conflict with EADV or is in conflict with EADV initiatives pursued by other committees of EADV, will not be evaluated by the PPRC.


  • The project benefits the EADV: the project will contribute to the mission and reputation of the EADV;
  • The project benefits patients with skin diseases and contributes to the understanding of skin diseases, physician capabilities or patient care;
  • The project involves several expert groups from European countries with a synergistic or complementary role in pursuing the objectives of the project;
  • The project is co-ordinated by investigators with sufficient background experience and/or training in the specific research field;
  • The project is original and carries true scientific or clinical interest;
  • The project is feasible: the project objectives are realistic and can be achieved within a reasonable time frame (1-2 years);
  • The project management plan is adequate: timing and resources are clearly specified and in line with the project requirements. Deliverables are clear and measurable;
  • The project budget is adequate: a detailed realistic budget with justification of all elements is provided.
Evaluation and submission results

Each project will be reviewed by each member of the Project Proposal and Review Committee. When necessary, external reviewers (1 or 2) may be asked for their expertise at the decision of the Committee. External reviewers will be former or current members of the EADV Board.

Project proposals are reviewed by the PPRC committee, and submitted to the attention of the Board of Representatives.

Final decision will be taken by the Board of Representatives at the EADV Board meeting held during the EADV annual congress.

Submitters will be informed soon after the Board meeting of the result related to their project submission.


The budget limit on project funding is 100.000 Euros.
The budget includes:


  • Salary for project leader and other essential personnel;
  • Equipment, supplies and software;
  • Facilities and administrative costs;
  • Travel expenses;
  • Publications and miscellaneous costs.
2022 Successful Applicants

Lead Investigator




Ditte Marie Saunte


University of Copenhagen

Characterisation of European dermatophyte antifungal resistance

Simona Saluzzo


Medical University of Vienna

Mucosal CXCR3+CD4+ tissue resident effector memory T cells (TRM) in the defenses against HPV-induced anal intraepithelial neoplasia and cancer progression in HIV+ patients

Alexander Zink


Technical University of Munich

Chronic skin diseases and the association with addictive diseases

Simone Cazzaniga


Centro Studi GISED

Hidradenitis suppurativa phenotypes: Validation and implementation of a latent class model to identify specific clusters of patients

Cristina Bulai Livideanu


Paul Sabatier University and Larrey Hospital

Single cell landscape of mastocytosis patients

Kossara Drenovska


Medical University of Sofia

A multicenter study on the target antigens of pemphigoid sera with positive dermal binding detected by indirect immunofluorescence (IF) on salt-split skin

Chris B Bunker

United Kingdom

University College London

Aetiopathogenesis of female genital lichen sclerosus

Isabel Tapia-Paez


Karolinska Institutet

Rare coding variants in NOX4 link high superoxide levels to psoriatic arthritis mutilans

Jan Gutermuth


University Hospital Brussels

Success factors and pitfalls for multidisciplinary care of patients with multi-system inflammatory diseases

How do I submit my project?

Information about open calls is available by logging in to the myEADV portal.

Read carefully the Project Proposal guidelines (Printable PDF).

Projects must be submitted online only thought your myEADV portal.

The Committee does not provide a detailed review for non-approved projects.

No hard copies will be accepted.



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