16-18 MAY 2024


16-18 MAY 2024


The venue

The EADV Symposium 2024 will take place at the Hilton Conference Centre and Business Centre in St. Julian’s, Malta.

The conference centre and business centre, spanning three levels, provide an array of session rooms accommodating 150 to 1’300 seats. Equipped with top-quality audio and video technology, these rooms ensure the delivery of high-quality education in a learning-oriented atmosphere. Navigating the venue is straightforward, offering numerous opportunities for networking in dedicated common areas for posters, catering, and collaborative work.


The Hilton demonstrates a commitment to eco-friendly practices, aligning seamlessly with the EADV’s approach to sustainability goals. This shared dedication to environmental responsibility enhances the overall impact and success of the event.

Hilton Malta
Portomaso Avenue, St Julians PTM01 Malta

How to reach the venue

The Hilton Conference Centre & Business Centre is located 20 minutes from the airport and 15 minutes from Malta’s capital Valletta.

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Carefully read the below description to make sure you/your delegates are compliant with Malta’s regulations.

EADV Members are not designated as Healthcare Professionals by default

Please, define the correct status (HCP or Non-HCP) during the registration process.


According to the European Union Directive 2001/83 /EC (and amended version 2010/84/EU), the promotion of prescription only medicines should be directed solely at Healthcare Professionals or any person who is authorised to prescribe or handle them.

As a multidisciplinary audience will be attending the EADV Symposium, the delegates must  indicate if they are Healthcare Professionals (HCP) or Non-Healthcare Professionals (Non-HCP) to ensure compliance with these regulations.

Access to the different areas and sessions of the Symposium depends on the status as Healthcare Professional or as Non-Healthcare Professional. 

The Pharmaceutical Research Based Industry Malta Association (2014) defines HCP as:

Any member of the medical, dental, pharmacy or nursing professions or any other person who in the course of his or her professional activities may prescribe, purchase, supply or administer a medicinal product. “

Industry sessions and advertising

Sections of the code also relevant to a congress held in Malta:

Any such promotional material (excluding promotional aids) is accompanied by a suitable statement indicating countries in which the product is registered and makes clear that the product or use is not registered locally, and any such promotional material which refers to the prescribing information (indications, warnings etc.) authorized in a country or countries where the medicinal product is registered should be accompanied by an explanatory statement indicating that registration conditions differ internationally.

Satellite Symposia presenting data on the development, research or other issues related to prescription medicine can be restricted to Healthcare Professionals and Industry Participants only upon indication provided by the Industry Session Organizer. All promotional materials and marketing aids related to these industry sessions should be strictly limited to HCPs only.

Industry Session organisers could limit participation to certain representative groups independently from the EADV recommendations if deemed imperative to the achievement of the intended purpose of the Industry session. The organising company reserves the right to refuse single categories, in particular if not adequately related to the objective and purpose of the session.

The industry session organizer is responsible for the compliance of the session.

Other categories

STUDENTS are NOT considered as Healthcare Professionals under the current guidelines and will be automatically classified as NON-HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS.

PATIENT ASSOCIATION REPRESENTATIVES must indicate whether they are Healthcare Professionals or not at registration.