25-28 SEP 2024

Pathophysiology of atopic dermatitis

Presentation ID D2T10.1A

Session type: Training and education
Room: E107-E108
Date: Thursday, 26 Sep, 08:30 – 08:50 CEST

Part of Session: Atopic dermatitis

Dr. Melinda Gooderham

(Peterborough, ON, Canada)

In this lecture we will explore the fundamental features driving this complex disease, including microbiome abnormalities, inflammation, skin barrier dysfunction, and itch. 

Emphasizing the predominant type 2 immune response, the lecture will explore the critical roles of cytokines IL-4 and IL-13 and co-stimulatory molecules such as OX40-OX40L. 

Additionally, the lecture will cover the adaptive immune pathways and the role of alarmins like IL-33 and TSLP in initiating and enhancing type 2 responses.

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