25-28 SEP 2024

Aeroallergens and atopic dermatitis: What is the link?

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Session type: Updates
Room: Room 7.1
Date: Thursday, 26 Sep, 08:50 – 09:10 CEST

Part of Session: Immediate type allergies

Prof. Dr. Dagmar Simon

(Bern, Switzerland)

Sensitization to aeroallergens can be detected in about 80% of atopic dermatitis (AD) patients. Possible clinical presentations are urticaria, pruritus, eczema flares, as well as the exacerbation of concomitant atopic diseases such as allergic rhinitis and bronchial asthma. 

Aeroallergens may trigger both immediate- and late-type reactions, in which IgE-bearing mast cells and AD-specific dendritic cells in the epidermis, respectively, are involved. In addition to the patients’ history, clinical presentation and disease course, skin prick test, atopy patch test as well as measuring specific IgE in peripheral blood are recommended for diagnostic purposes. 

Allergen-specific immunotherapy has been shown to effectively reduce AD severity as shown for patients sensitized to house-dust mites. Further, the role of sensitization via the skin on the atopic march will be discussed.

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