The Scientific Programming Committee (SPC) holds a corner-stone position within the Academy through which the EADV's main key mission - commitment to education and training, are met. The main purpose of the committee is to oversee the preparation of high quality scientific programmes for its members during the annual Congresses, Spring Symposia, and any other scientific meeting that the EADV may devise from time to time.

Preparation of each scientific programme involves tight collaboration with the CME-CPD committee and other EADV committees, such as the Honours and Awards committee, Media and PR, Ethics committee as well as the Congress working group, to ensure the best communication, trouble-free preparation and drafting of the scientific programme in the most appropriate venue.

The volume of work of the committee members has grown significantly over the past years and could not be done without co-option of other experts, modern facilities responding to the committee's needs and the creation of the Blueprint Topic List for created by Jean-Paul Gabbud, as past-Chairman of the Continuing Medical Education-Continuing Professional Development (CME-CPD) Committee.

In essence the SPC remains small but has many partners who are all important in achieving the objectives. We are thankful to the EADV Board Members, Co-opted and Ex-officio Members, Subspecialty Society Experts and Task Force Coordinators who have all contributed to the building the scientific programme in its novel format. Additionally, we are especially glad that Education Committee has assisted the SPC to jointly organise the classes for trainees in dermatology.



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Speaker and Chair Information


The following guidelines have been developed to assist speakers and chairs in planning their sessions.