Patient Corner

One of the EADV's main missions is to act as advocate and educator of patients, particularly those with cutaneous or venereal diseases. Our vision is indeed to cooperate closely with our patients to achieve the continuous improvement of clinical care, to innovate and to support their rights.

To improve and raise the dialogue at an international level, the EADV works through the Patient Association Working Group (PWG) to develop and execute collaborative efforts with Patient Associations.

The programme has grown in recent years, i.e. by organising an annual Patient Society Village and patient-centered sessions during congresses, as well as other activities and the scope of the programme will likely continue to expand.

The PWG is really looking forward to building productive relationships with the patient community. Congresses are the ideal opportunities to achieve this goal and to highlight the importance of patient involvement.

Listening to the voice of patients enables us to improve the quality of dermatological care and build strong lines of communication.


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the EADV is providing practical information for patients including recommendations and general advice (click the red button below) and a video with suggestions on how to take better photos for teledermatological visits.

COVID-19: Recommendations and general advice for patients.

Patient Society Village

To improve the dermatological health paradigm, there must be a fundamental collaborative partnership between the patient and the key healthcare providers. The EADV actively works to advance this theme with the patient community and strengthen productive relationships with patient leaders to explore how different roles and perspectives can be joined together to extend dermatological support. 

Launched in 2015 during the annual Congress in Copenhagen, the EADV is proposing year after year a Patient Society Village during its main Congress. 
We kindly invite patient advocacy organisations to take part in this initiative; bring the patient voice to engage and encourage communication between the parties. In this dedicated area, you will have the opportunity to showcase the work of your organisation, to promote patient advocacy resources and services to the professional dermatology and venereology community, and stimulate interactions with meeting attendees.

What is Dermatology?

Dermatology is the science of the skin and its diseases. The skin is the outer barrier between the organism and the environment, preventing drying out of the body an penetration of foreign substances. Other essential functions include thermoregulation; protection against mechanical, chemical, ultraviolet and microbial insults; initiation and execution of immune reaction, as the most peripheral outpost of the immune system; and perception of touch, heat and cold, pain, itch and other sensations. Dermatology as a specialty is differently defined in the European countries. Core dermatology consists of medical dermatology, venereology (except United Kingdom, Ireland and Malta) and dermatosurgery as well as dermatopathology.


What is Venereology?

Venereogy is the science of the sexually transmitted infections (STI). In 26 of the 29 European countries, dermatologists are recognised as specialists for both skin diseases and STIs. From its beginning in the 18th century, dermatology has been involved with the study of STI, the reason being that syphilis, which was extremely common in Europe, presents with a broad range of cutaneous findings. Many other STIs have cutaneous manifestations, so that in daily practice, dermatologists often counsel, diagnose and treat STI patients.


The EADV Task Forces have produced a number of leaflets intended to give advice to patients on different skin diseases and current treatments.

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Patient Organisations

Looking for answers to your questions? Looking for support from people encountering the same difficulties?

The EADV has compiled a non-exhaustive list of patient organisations across Europe that can help you.

Patient organisations are committed to support education, advocacy programmes and are the link between patients suffering from particular conditions and highly ranked doctors in dermatology and venereology. The collaboration of these two partners - the first giving their day-to-day testimony and concerns, the second providing medical knowledge and experience - is one way in which to develop understanding and reach a higher status, consciousness and clinical care.

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Find a Specialist

A Dermatologist is a doctor who specializes in treating conditions that affect the skin, hair, and nails. A Venereologist is a doctor who specializes in treating sexually transmitted diseases. In many regions of the world, venereology is combined with dermatology. Click on the link below to find a specialist in your area.

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