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Resident courses are open to all residents/trainees in Dermatology who are members of the EADV. If you have already obtained a Specialist diploma in Dermatology and, afterwards, you start a PhD training or a sub-specialty residency, you are not eligible to apply to Resident courses.

Specialist courses are open to Specialists in Dermatology only; Residents cannot apply (even if you have an interest in the topic of a Specialist course). In addition to Resident and Specialist courses, the EADV offers a number of combined courses that are open to both Residents and Specialists. Doctors who wish to register for these types of courses must do so in the dedicated sections of the EADV website or Learning Platform”

Considering the delay between the application deadline and the course itself, you are allowed to apply for that course as long as you are not a Specialist when you are sending us your application and documents.



Resident courses are for EADV members only. When applying, residents should have an active EADV membership status.If you are not an EADV member, you can only register to Specialist courses and should send us via email a copy of your ID card/passport and proof of medical status.

We do remind that EADV members conveniently benefit from a reduced registration fee (e.g. 300 EUR instead of 900 EUR for a non-member).

Resident courses are free of charge.

Depending on the course, the EADV will provide a certificate of attendance, material for practical sessions (when needed), catering service during course hours, an invitation to one social event and an educational grant to help covering your travel and accommodation expenses.

Specialist courses are subject to a fee.

The registration fees for most courses start at 300 EUR for EADV members and 900 EUR for non-members. However, the fees may change depending on the type and materials needed for course (e.g., aesthetics, surgery, nurses).

Specialists will receive CME-CPD credits for their attendance, material for practical sessions (when needed), catering service during course hours and the invitation to one social event.
Specialists are not entitled to any educational grant and must pay for their own travel and accommodation arrangements.

No, only selected participants for the Resident courses should provide us with a clinical case. For Specialist courses, clinical cases may be requested, however this is not a standard requirement.

Resident courses: After the application deadline, course chairs will execute the selection.
It will be based on numerous variables including but not limited to: Expressed motivation, experience, year of residency, number of courses already attended, and geographical representation of attendees. The selection is definitive.

Specialist courses: A “first-come, first-served” basis applies. As soon as the registration fee is settled, the participation will be formally confirmed.

A selected resident who does not show up at the course and has not informed in advance the EADV office accordingly, will not be eligible to attend any other course for the next 12 months.

Your membership dues should be fully settled for the year in which the course is taking place. Remember that you must attend the whole course to obtain your grant and/or your certificate of participation.

No. For both Resident and Specialist courses you are responsible for making and paying for your own travel arrangements.

If you are selected for a Resident course or fully confirmed for a Specialist course, contact us to obtain an official invitation letter to help you for that purpose.

In case of cancellation by the participant, the EADV will automatically deduct 50 EUR of administrative fee from the refund. Cancellations by the EADV will be exempt of any charges.

The EADV will apply the following cancellation policy:

  • 100% of the registration course fee will be refunded before 6 weeks from the beginning of the course;
  • 75% of the registration course fee will be refunded from 6 weeks up to 2 weeks from the beginning of the course;
  • no refund of the registration course fee will be provided within 15 days from the beginning of the course.

Payment transfers from one course to another are not possible.
A written cancellation request should be officially sent to

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