Digital Education FAQs

EADV Digital learning

Yes, the platform can only be accessed by EADV members. In order to provide non-members with an experience of our digital learning, a selection of EADV webcasts may be streamed live on social media (Facebook or YouTube), allowing the public to view.

The credentials to the learning platform are different from the membership area. If you are accessing it for the first time, set a new password at this link and follow the instructions.

In order to track your attendance, you will need to open the link of the webcast via the learning portal and sign-in to the conference tool using the same e-mail address. In case you have not followed this process or you have not attended the whole session, the system will not change the course status to ‘Completed’.
You can request a “Change of Completion Status” by contacting us at

You can download your certificate by logging in to, accessing your ‘Completed Courses’ under ‘Dashboard’ > ‘My Courses’ and clicking the button ‘Certificate’ next to the course thumbnail.

Most live EADV webcasts are recorded and made available in the learning platform within 2 weeks time. However, the learners will not get a certificate of attendance as they would if they attend the live session. The video recording from past webcasts can be watched by clicking on ‘Resources’ under the drop-down menu.

The Forum is a space that allows learners to share their experiences, opinion and provide with suggestions for content to be added. It can be accessed by clicking on ‘Forum’ under the drop-down menu.

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