Donation by EADV to aid affected communities

EADV strongly emphasizes the importance of promoting dialogue and empathy as essential components in the pursuit of peace. Our heartfelt condolences are extended to the the countries and communities currently at war. In these difficult moments, we earnestly hope for peace and stability to prevent additional human suffering and a peaceful resolution of this crisis.

In a gesture of support, EADV has made donations to aid the affected communities through contributions to non for profit charity organisations.

EADV are saddened to learn of passing away of Prof. Annamari Ranki

Professori Ranki was nominated as Professor and Chairman at the University of Helsinki, Finland in 1997, and retired from this position in the end of 2022. Professor Ranki’s academic journey was marked by excellence from its very beginning. Before taking up the professor position in Helsinki, Annamari Ranki also made significant contributions as a professor […]

Call for papers: Skin diversity

You have the chance to submit your proposal for a special issue of JEADV Clinical Practice on ‘Skin Diversity’ guest-edited by Dr Nicolas Kluger.

Submissions closed on 30 November 2023

EADV funding opportunities are now available

Committed to supporting the lifelong learning of dermatologists and Venereologists and helping foster scientific advancements and practices in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of skin and venereal diseases, EADV offers several means of funding research.

Discover the newly available opportunities and apply now!

Symposium 2023 scholarship applications open

Mark your calendars to discover the new rhythm of dermatology and venereology at our Spring Symposium, hosted in Seville, Spain 18-20 May 2023. EADV Scholarship Applications for the Symposium are now open.

EADV Congress 2022 Highlights

Explore a selection of press releases from the 31st EADV Congress with key findings from some of the best research, & dive into the official Highlights Programme.

Policy Roundtable: Towards earlier detection of skin cancer in Europe

1 in 3 cancers diagnosed worldwide is a skin cancer, and prevalence of melanoma and keratinocyte carcinomas continues to increase in Caucasian populations. While the burden of skin cancer is very high for patients as well as healthcare systems and society, it remains a severely underestimated public health problem.