Skin cancer is cancer of the skin! Therefore, dermatologists should be in the lead of the care of (most) skin cancer patients, which requires well developed surgical skills including MMS.  

In contrast to the US and Australia, the availability of MMS in Europe is very limited. We want to expand the number of European Mohs surgeons and offer the best possible care for our skin cancer patients.

The Erasmus MC (Rotterdam, The Netherlands) is among the largest MMS centers in Europe. They perform approximately 1700 MMS procedures annually and have a formal training program for MMS.

Professor Tamar Nijsten and his faculty are offering a 6 month EADV sponsored MMS fellowship to a highly motivated dermatologist. One of the most important eligibility criteria is that applicants can continue MMS after completing their fellowship in their country of residence.




  • 6 months certified training with top MMS surgeons from the department of dermatology Erasmus MC Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The start date in 2021 will be discussed between the awardee and the Erasmus MC.
  • 15.000€ funding to cover travel and accommodation costs




  • EADV European Specialist Members
  • Sufficient  knowledge and skills in surgery
  • The awardee will have the possibility to put MMS into practice after finishing the fellowship either by opening a Moh’s unit or by contributing to an existing unit in an academic hospital-based department of dermatology within Europe.

Applications for a fellowship starting in 2022 will open soon.