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Call for papers: Skin diversity

We invite authors to submit proposals for a special issue of JEADV Clinical Practice on 'Skin Diversity' guest-edited by Dr Nicolas Kluger. Don’t miss this opportunity! Submissions are due by 30 November 2023

Skin of color has historically been underrepresented in dermatology practice and research, and it is crucial that this gap is addressed to ensure proper representation of all patient populations. JEADV Clinical Practice, EADV’s Open Access journal with a patient-focused approach to dermatology and venereology, invites authors to submit proposals for a special issue on ‘Skin Diversity’ guest-edited by Dr Nicolas Kluger.

The special issue will cover dermatological conditions in patients with skin of color, and submissions may include Original Articles, Reviews, Case Reports, and more.

Don’t miss the opportunity to contribute to the representation of all patient populations in this ground-breaking paper.

Submission Instructions:

Proposals should be submitted to

Full manuscripts should be submitted by November 30, 2023, through the online submission system on the JEADV Clinical Practice ScholarOne website. All submissions will undergo rigorous peer review to ensure high scientific quality and relevance to the theme of the special issue.


About JEADV Clinical Practice:

JEADV Clinical Practice is an Open Access journal with a patient-focused approach to dermatology and venereology. The journal features flexible format papers with high-quality visuals, videos, and quiz cases, covering the full scope of clinical practice, from clinical, cosmetic, and surgical innovations to improving quality of care. JEADV Clinical Practice welcomes submissions from around the world, regardless of the submitter’s career stage.

The special issue on Skin Diversity aims to promote inclusivity, widen knowledge, raise awareness, and celebrate diversity in dermatology practice and research.

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