In anticipation of every congress, meeting or fostering course (the so called LEE - Live Educational Events), the EADV officially applies to the UEMS for accreditation of the scientific sessions.

National CME-CPD is regulated by National Accreditation Authorities (NAA), whereas in international CME-CPD the UEMS (Union Européenne des Médecins Spécialistes) has set up a regulatory body to harmonise and improve the quality of specialists' medical care in Europe, the EACCME (European Accreditation Council for CME).

For this purpose, the ECMEC (European CME Credit) facilitates the transfer of credits between European countries, between different specialties, in case of migration of a specialist within Europe and between the European credit system and comparable systems outside Europe.

ECMEC's are convertible into national credits by the National Accreditation Authorities (NAA).

There is the principle of subsidiarity, which means that the National Accreditation Authorities have a final say: specialists may convert their ECMECs into national credits where the system differs from the conditions mentioned above.

There is a mutual recognition agreement signed with the American Medical Association (AMA) for live events and e-learning materials.

EACCME credits are recognised by the AMA towards the Physician's Recognition Award (PRA), therefore American physicians attending an EADV event may convert ECMEC credits to an equivalent number of AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™ and viceversa. For recognition of credits, please contact the AMA (click here).

Please note: Usually one hour equates to one credit, therefore, in international congresses and symposia, one ECMEC = one hour.
Based on the accepted assumption that no-one would be able to focus for more than a certain time on too numerous topics, the UEMS decided to limit the maximum amount of ECMECs to 8 for a full day.

In Dermatology and Venereology, the UEMS Section and Board of Dermatology and Venereology signed an agreement with the EACCME on November 26, 2005. That means, international congresses and symposia organised by Dermato-venereologists in Europe must be accredited by the EACCME of UEMS to have their credits validated. Currently, the accrediting body is a scientific panel chaired by the president of the Section and Board of Dermato-Venereology.

All Subspecialty Societies and Industry partners who wish to apply for European accreditation of their own sessions, should contact the UEMS directly at for further information.

Subspecialty Societies and Industry are also responsible for issuing their own CME-CPD certificate directly to participants under the signature of the academic chairperson of the educational event.

Sponsored Events*

Financial/commercial support of events/activities is only recognized and allowed "by unrestricted educational grants", i.e. funds from a commercial source should only be payable to the institution that is organising the CME-CPD event/activity.

Any financial/commercial support for the organisation of the educational event/activity must be clearly indicated by all contributors as "commercially organised satellite session" or "financially supported event".

Guidance is subject to change