What's in a name?

Body adornment is a human characteristic and has been practiced since ancient times in all races and on all continents. The aim of body art is to change the appearance, to give a person a special look and/or to increase visual attraction.

Body art includes many temporary decorations like body painting and henna tattoos but also several permanent body modifying techniques such as permanent tattoos, piercings, dermal anchors, stretching, implanting, branding, scalping and more.

The most popular forms nowadays are tattooing, Permanent Make Up (PMU) and piercing.

Tattooing and Permanent Make-Up (PMU) consist in the implantation of a colorant into the superficial layers of the skin.

Piercing is a perforation of the skin to create a tunnel, followed by the insertion of an ornament.  The tunnel can be enlarged by stretching, a procedure that is quite popular on the earlobes. To place dermal anchors a small hole is made and a jewel is inserted.