How to reduce the risks of complications and dissatisfaction

We are not advising against getting a tattoo. You just need to follow certain important advice:

  • Let it be a well-informed decision. Tattoos are permanent!
  • Reflect well on the design and the body part on which you want your tattoo.
  • Have your tattoo and piercing done under hygienic conditions with sterile materials at a registered body art establishment by a licensed tattooist / piercer.
  • Inform the body art professional (tattooist/piercer) about your health situation (pregnancy, hemofilia, hepatitis, allergies etc).
  • Never put a tattoo over a mole!
  • Ask for a document stating used materials.
  • Tattoos can interfere with MRI examination, inform the radiologist so that appropriate measures can be taken.
  • Tattoo/PMU ink identification can be found on the label of the ink bottle. This can help to trace contaminated ink bottles and to identify the ingredients.
  • Piercings material should respect the Eu Nickel restriction by REACH. Cheap metal jewellery is often unreliable.
  • Consult a doctor when a side effect occurs!
  • Tattoo removal should be carried out only by a trained physician!