International initiatives

In our efforts to broaden the scope of the European Academy of Dermatology & Venereology, we have been fortunate enough to strengthen relations with our Chinese, Indian and American colleagues. These initiatives extend the Academy's relations with societies beyond the European borders and take the EADV one step closer towards global recognition.

American Academy of Dermatology

Prof Katsambas initiated collaborations with the AAD during his Presidency. The first of these joint meetings - entitled "EADV / AAD Review Course" - was held in Munich in 2009.
Since then, it has been a reciprocal event that takes place either in Europe or USA and alternates venues each year.

EADV Relationships with China

The Academy have established an initiative entitled the 'European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology International Exchange Initiative (EADV-IEI)'. The main aims of this project are to provide the continuing medical education for Chinese dermato-venereologists, to develop the liaisons and collaboration between Chinese and international experts, and to advance the excellence of dermatology and venereology worldwide.


Through various remote and on-site events organised by the Chinese dermatologists, EADV members - each an expert in their own field - are invited to share their knowledge and expertise with a Chinese audience, thus enhancing development of dermato-venereology in China and promoting global progression of dermato-venereology.


On several occasions, an international video conference was organized by the Chinese colleagues together with experts from EADV.


After a short introductory lecture of the European expert, Chinese colleagues gave short case reports or scientific presentations which were intensively discussed. In this way, some 1,500 to 2,000 Chinese dermatologists could be reached all over the People's Republic of China.


On November 6, 2012, an IEI event took place where Professor Johannes Ring gave a short lecture on modern treatment of atopic eczema, followed by case presentations and a short lecture on antihistamine treatment in this disease.

EADV Relationships with India

Along the same lines as the Academy's collaboration with China and the EADV-IEI, Professor Katsambas also represented the EADV in establishing relationships with India.

The first on-site meetings took place in 4 different cities of India in 2009 and since then annual meetings have been organised with the participation of invited EADV members presenting lectures in their areas of expertise, namely:

EADV India Summit, 2013

  • A. Katsambas:
    • When & why treatments fails and what to do?
    • Role of antibiotics in acne management
  • J. Hercogova:
    • Scarring Alopecia
    • Diffuse hair loss in women

Best of EADV, 2012

  • H. Gollnick: Newer Trends in Acne
  • M. Papoutsaki: Advent of Biologics in Psoriasis - Making Remission a Reality

Best of EADV, 2011

  • E. Haneke: Inflammatory nail diseases
  • J. Ring: Adverse cutaneous drug reactions

Best of EADV, 2010 (August)

  • C. Grattan: Chronic Urticaria
  • K. Fritz: Lasers: hypo- and hyper-pigmentation

Best of EADV, 2010 (March)

  • F. Wojnarowska: Intraepidermal immunobullous disease
  • R. Happle: Newer therapies in the management of hair loss
  • L. Marini: Fractional laser resurfacing

Best of EADV, 2009

  • A. Katsambas: Rising to the melasma treatment challenge
  • A. Giannetti: Psoriasis, pathogenesis and treatment challenges
  • V. Bettoli: Acne, novel perspectives and therapeutic considerations


Bombay Leprosy Project

The Bombay Leprosy Project (BLP) is a registered non-profit voluntary organization working towards the goal to further reduce the burden of leprosy in India. The project is largely dependent on donations to fulfill its mission that is providing diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation for patients with leprosy.

Following approval by the Project Proposal Review Committee in 2012, the Bombay Leprosy Project received EADV funding to support its activities. Click here for more information on this Project.


European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology International Exchange Initiative (EADV-IEI)


European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology International Exchange Initiative (EADV-IEI)


EADV India Summit 2013