08 - 10 Mar 2018

Intermediate Advanced Surgery

Dermatologic surgery is gold standard to treat melanoma and non-melanoma skin cancer. However, advanced surgical experience is not always part of the dermatologic training.

This course will give surgeons specific knowledge about patient selection, preparation, surgical planning, anesthesia, surgical technique and postoperative care.

The aim is to provide teaching on skin surgery for dermatologists who are already familiar with the basic surgical techniques (stitches, elliptical excisions, grafts, etc…) and to train them to perform more complex repairs and flaps.

Reconstruction of wounds has always been a challenge for surgeons: every primary defect can be considered a puzzle to be solved. How this defect is treated will be determined by a variety of factors which include the location and size of the defect, the projected functional morbidity, the underlying cause of the defect, the medical history of the patient, surgeon’s experience, as well as the patient’s wishes.

A specific objective of the course is to focus on the reconstructive perspective: whereas some wounds may be closed in a simple linear line, others require complex movement of local or distant tissue to restore functional and anatomic relationships and to optimize the cosmetic outcome.

The most commonly used repair options in each specific anatomic area (nose, eye, temples, lip, cheek, chin, and ear) will be reviewed.

Finally, general principles and specific repair options will be explained and participants will practice on pig’s head.



Modena, Italy


EADV Specialist courses are for dermatology and venereology specialists (both EADV members and non EADV members).

Participants will receive the educational material which was presented during the course, catering and a social event.

Registration Fee (EADV Members): 400€
Registration Fee (Non EADV Members): 650€


The registration deadline will close at 23h59 (GMT+1) the day before the registration deadline (ex: registration deadline 15 January 2018 – the registrations will close on 14 January 2018 at 23h59).


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