15 November 2016

President's Perspective

What do you think are the most impressive strengths and achievements of the EADV in the past years?

The Accademy has in grown leaps and bounds with a notable set of achievements! The EADV has also become one of the leading congress organisers in addition to having a rapidly growing membership, now totaling 5500 from over 103 countries!

The strength is in providing an impressive and expanding variety of educational and fostering activities, research grants and scholarships with the aim of delivering the opportunity to further specialized education for both young and more experienced dermatologists, to ultimately improve patient care.

The Academy implements many new projects and initiatives, such as the patient village for patient’s associations, the “Healthy Skin@Work” paneuropean campaign or the Green Flags initiative for GPs. The Academy’s projects are as broad and diverse as its members. This is all impressive and should never be understated.

Which areas you are most concerned about and want to address and develop during your presidency?

Surprisingly, the variety of ideas and requests, as well as the growing volume of projects and developments of the EADV which mark its success, are conversely creating concerns. They generate a huge workload, despite the increase in staff over the last few years. Therefore, adaptation and reassessment of the EADV workflow and organisation are requisite for staying focused, avoiding dysfunction and assuring continued growth.  Given the increasing volume of activities, I feel the need to adapt is an urgent matter; a better coordination and optimisation of procedures in direct alignment with this growth, is a major step in meeting demands. Our activities can be better prioritised and coordinated with a modern and focused organisation with more focus on improved communication and a smarter work-flow.  The previously accumulated experience and support of our Secretary General, Michael Reusch, as well as that of Carle Paul, Erwin Tschachler, Martino Neumann, of the CEO of the EADV, Miss Nancy Induni, and of the entire EADV team, are important in achieving this.

What are your major plans for the next two years and beyond?                                                                                     

There are two main areas of focus which the executive committee, the board of directors in addition to all the EADV collaborators need to consider:  first, strategy development and second, high performance organisation in the EADV house. Regarding strategy development - implementation and control - this requires a number of steps over different levels. A SWOT analysis has been completed in order to identify a series of action points. Now, we need to define the major strategic objectives, identify the required initiatives and prioritise tasks, including temporal planning with a roadmap. The second point requires us to arrange processes and the organisation within EADV which should be optimized according to the strategic framework. Currently, many processes are over-complicated, for example the management of membership, payments, elections, and speaker invitations are all too heavy and intense.  IT support should be improved to liberate us from manual work that consumes too much human resource in a modern and successful association.  Hence there are a number of areas, which need to be re-thought in a way to help us reach our goals more efficiently. This will involve dissecting and adapting our procedures, core functions, and create clear responsibilities. This aim will also care for our EADV employees, giving them satisfaction and development perspectives. All of this is essential in achieving a high performing organisation in more than just a preliminary sense.

With this in mind and not forgetting our other goals, there is also the need to oversee and implement the completion of the many projects initiated under the previous presidency of Erwin Tschachler, including the update of our Statutes towards a more dynamic and flexible organisation, to further develop the potential and the output of the task forces and to make sure that the JEADV can further its development as a leading dermatological journal.

Finally and not unimportantly, are the regulatory changes in terms of the laws governing our relationship with the industry; I refer you to the CEO‘s article.  We have found ourselves somewhat unprepared for the industry. We now need to rapidly develop and define governance policies as to how we collaborate with sponsors/industry in order to ensure their commitment, be compliant with regulations and satisfy the industry in a reasonable way.  A mix here is essential and will receive careful input.

What is your overall philosophy and approach you want to follow in the EC?

We should all working towards a common goal through modernised and clearly-defined layers, each with specific product deadlines and outcomes from committees, staff, as well as the Board and Executives. Despite the different cultural and geographical differences, we should be able to better utilise our different ideas, backgrounds and richness of EADV members in a more profitable way for everyone.

If we work in an open and respectful way without prejudice, then we can successfully consolidate our EADV as the key D/V player.

If we succeed in organising the initiatives I mentioned above, into a more structured and coordinated framework with a clear agenda and accountability from all parties, we can ensure sustainability and long-term success, extending beyond the two years of my presidency. I count on being part of a future charaterised by a more efficient work flow, enabling progress in a motivated and collegial atmosphere, resulting in a more capable and internationally valued EADV. In order to have a constructive approach to facilitate these improvements, your hard work and collaboration are essential ingredients.

Luca Borradori MD PhD
EADV President (2016-2018)