27 September 2017

Important Information for EADV Members

In order to continue delivering high standard services for our members, EADV will introduce changes to the membership fee categories on 1 January 2018.  
The JEADV is going electronic!
For those wishing to receive the hard copy version of the Journal in addition to the electronic one, membership fees will increase by 30 euro. The fees for those who opt for only an e-version will not change. The increase is in line with the EADV’s vision in aligning ourselves with the global dermatological community in the digital age – as more members opt for only an e-version of the JEADV, the burden of printing and postage costs can be alleviated and we will be making a sustainable contribution towards preserving the environment.
EADV’s membership still represents great value for money. All the members will continue to benefit from full access to the online version of the journal both on the browser and on the JEADV App which will be launched very soon.
New Annual Fees for 2018:

  • Specialist: € 150 (electronic only) or € 180 (paper + electronic)
  • Junior: € 50 (electronic only) or € 80 (paper + electronic)
  • Retired (former EADV Members only): € 75 (electronic only) or € 105 (paper + electronic)
  • Ordinary (Non-Specialist in Dermatology and/or Venereology): € 170 (electronic only) or € 200 (paper + electronic)


  • International: € 150 (electronic only) or € 180 (paper + electronic)
  • International Trainee: € 75 (electronic only) or € 105 (paper + electronic)
  • International Retired: € 75 (electronic only) or € 105 (paper + electronic)

2018 membership dues will be open for payments starting from 1 November 2017. An official communication will be sent in due time.
Members who would like to continue receiving the hard copy will be requested to settle their 2018 dues no later than 6 December 2017 to assure continuity in the receipt of the Journal.

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