20 May 2017

EADV Event at the European Parliament

Between 20 and 22 June 2017, the European Parliament will host the EADV Exhibition on Skin Cancer - Outdoor Workers' Number One Enemy. Free Skin Screenings for all European Parliament Members and staff will be offered by EADV.

EADV’s goal for the exhibition is to raise awareness on skin cancer as an occupational disease and, ultimately, ensure it is recognized as an occupational disease. With this exhibition, EADV seeks to build support for action to protect the 14.5 million outdoor workers in the EU who are twice as likely to get non-melanoma skin cancer from occupational UV exposure. Our objective is to encourage a multi-stakeholder collaboration to promote sun-safe working practices, as well as educate participants on the simple and cheap techniques of sun safe behaviour and skin cancer prevention.

The exhibition concept is to have an exciting, interactive event showcasing the importance of outdoor worker protection from occupational sun (UV) exposure. To engage MEPs/EP staff, we will also launch the exhibition with speeches from hosting MEPs; provide free skin cancer screenings and information; and ask supporters to sign a ‘call to action’. A photo booth with sun safe hats will provide a focal point for interaction and allow MEPs and EP staff to express support by live tweeting their photos.

To highlight the relevance of this topic and the range of professions across Europe affected, activities will include: a Q&A with outdoor workers and trade union representatives; a sun safe clothing exhibit and a sun damage comparison photo exhibit between MEPs/EP staff and outdoor workers.

Click here to read more about the EADV Skin Cancer: Safe Work Under the Sun Campaign.

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