25 May 2017

2017 Extraordinary General Meeting

Dear Members of the EADV,

The 2017 Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) is approaching fast. Please read on for important information on how it will be organized and to find all the necessary preparatory documentation.

Amendments to the Statutes are regulated by the EADV Statutes – Article 23 (you may visit the EADV website - https://www.eadv.org/statutes)

As per Article 23, any and all changes to the Statutes need to be voted on by the entire eligible membership. Voting will not be limited to the eligible members physically present in the room but will include the possibility to vote remotely (i.e. electronic vote). This means that you have two options to cast your vote:


Option 1 – Electronic Vote: The relevant online vote will be carried out by our trusted service provider, Electoral Reform Services (ERS) of London. It will be open for approximately 6 weeks (opening most probably at the end of March 2017). As per all the online elections, ERS will send you an email with a username, onetime passcode and instructions to access the vote shortly before it opens. Once your vote is cast, access to the site will be blocked and you will not be allowed to vote in person in Brussels. 


Option 2 – In Person: In person voting will be carried out at the EGM in Brussels as well (Square Brussels Meeting Center - Panoramic Hall, Floor 05). In order to facilitate its organization, we ask that you arrive promptly when registration to the EGM opens (12.15pm). Instructions on how to cast your vote will be provided on site. If you have already voted online, you will not be able to vote in person.

Please note and bear in mind that, those who will have voted via Option 1 (Electronic Vote), may of course attend the Extraordinary General Meeting, however, with a non-voting capacity.


Important News - Electronic Vote - the Electronic Vote opened on Wednesday, 29 March and will remain open until Monday, 8 May. You should have received an email from ERS with the needed information to cast your vote. In this regard, please make sure to check your email account, including spam so that you do not miss any information (from the ERS or from the EADV). If you have recently changed email addresses, please ensure you let us know as soon as possible.


Additional important information: All the necessary documents to base your vote on, can be found on the repository by clicking “Open” under “Relative Documents” (visit the 2017 EGM Repository). This information is complete, however more information regarding the vote and/or the EGM may be posted, therefore please continue to check back in. 


Some information about the EGM and the changes to the Statutes, can be also found in the EADV News, Issue N°61 Winter 2016-2017.

Whether remotely or in person, it doesn’t matter, but your vote counts!

In case of any questions regarding the voting process, or should you wish to inform us that you have changed your email address, please contact the Secretary General and his Office at secgen@eadv.org 

I thank you in advance for your kind attention and look forward to meeting you in Brussels!



Michael Reusch MD

EADV Secretary General


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