Modern straification of Pityriasis rubra pilaris based on driving immunological pathways Curdin Conrad (Switzerland)
Skin and sexually transmitted infections KAP (knowledge, attitude and practice) survey and health promotion strategy using mobile and digital technologies in migrant populations Valeska Padovese (Malta)
Improvement of epidermal differentiation by PRIMA-1MET/APR-246. Relevance to skin diseases Smail Hadj-Rabia (France)
Definition of Severity and Descriptors of Chronic Prurigo – Harmonization of European Prurigo Documentation Claudia Zeidler (Germany)
Maximization of serration pattern analysis in routine diagnostics for pemphigoid diseases: a prospective multicenter study Detlef Zillikens (Netherlands)
Bullying among dermatologic patients Pavel Chernyshov (Ukraine)
Transcriptome-based tumour stratification to better identify cutaneous squamous cell carcinomas at risk for metastases in organ transplant recipients, the “SCOPE-ITSCC metastases study, phase 2”. Jan Nico Bouwers (Switzerland)
Hidradenitis suppurativa genomics: Decoding pathogenesis as requirement for targeted treatment Christos C Zouboulis (Germany)
Mycetoma and Chromoblastomycosis – a Dermatology Access in Myanmar Initiative (MACADAMIA) Tina Tian, Dr.
SerUM markers in MERkel Cell Carcinoma patients: a longitudinal moniTorIng study for optiMization of European guidelines Mahtab Samimi, Prof.
Qualitative and quantitative assessment of the deposits adhering to the human skin exposed to urban air pollution: an international multicenter study Katerina Damevska, Prof.
Chronic hand eczema in Europe: Patients’ experiences and perspectives Andrea Bauer, Prof.
Patient decision aid for systemic therapy in psoriasis Gayle van der Kraaij, Prof.
Analysis of the structure and function of the epidermal barrier on patients with ichthyosis – biophysical parameters (TEWL, skin hydration), electron microscopy and microbiome examination Regina Fölster-Holst, Prof.
Preclinical study of the efficacy of a Pickering emulsion encapsulating an immunosuppressant in nanoparticles and combined with an anti-inflammatory for the treatment of inflammatory dermatoses. Laurence MICHEL, Dr.
Redirecting tumor-associated Th2 bias into an effective anti-tumor immunity by targeting the IL-4 – ATF3 loop in the cells of innate immunity Emmanuella Guenova, Prof.
European Consensus on Histopathological Diagnostic Criteria for Basal Cell Carcinoma, subtypes and related neoplasias Maria Teresa Fernández-Figueras, Prof.
Complications, personological variables and satisfaction with the care received by patients undergoing nail surgery: a prospective observational study Bianca Maria Piraccini, Prof.
Stigmatisation and body image impairment in dermatological patients: a multicentre study Francesca Sampogna, Dr.
Which health-related quality of life aspects really affect the life of acne patients? Lucia Tomas Aragones, Prof.
Rapid and reproducible identification of Sézary cells in blood using standardized EuroFlow protocols Maarten Vermeer, Prof.
The burden of skin disease: Stigmatisation and body image impairment in dermatological patients. An observational multi-center study in 16 European countries F. Dalgard
Refining the European Baseline Series of contact allergens S. M. Wilkinson
Analysis of scalp microbiota and innate immune response in folliculitis decalvans O. Munoz Moreno-Arrones
A multi-centre, clinical and mechanistic study of palmoplantar pustulosis J. Barker
Characterization of non-acral sporadic cutaneous melanoma unrelated to common risk factors through next-generation sequencing technologies. A multicentre study. E. Nagore
Severity strata for physician and patients reported outcomes measures in vitiligo: a european network collaboration using anchor-based approach K. Ezzedine
An in-depth clinical and molecular study of monogenic cutis laxa syndromes B. Callewaert
Harmonized Assessment of Quality of Life in Patients with Chronic Wounds: Validation of the Wound-QoL in 10 European countries M. Augustin
Towards pathogenetic therapies for rare types of ichthyoses C. Has
European Guidelines for Dermatitis Herpetiformis M. Sardy
Melanoma survival model of genetic variants involved in naevus count S. Puig (Spain)
Carcinogenicity of Narrow-Band UV-B (TL-01) Phototherapy T. T. Karppinen (Finland)
Identification of immunological factors predicting clinical relapse in pemphigus D. De (India)
International Registry for Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis (IRTEN) L. French (Switzerland)
Online Development of Patients and Family- Education Materials in Dermatology M. de Rie (Netherlands)
The European Laser TrEAtment Dermatology (LEAD) registry A. Wolkerstorfer (Netherlands)
Malassezia-related skin diseases: experimental answers on species epidemiology, host-yeast interactionbiofilm formation and its, susceptibility to commonly used antifungals and non-antifungals A. F. Pedrosa (Portugal)
Development of toolbox to aid 'therapeutic patient education in psoriasis' J. Lambert (Belgium)
The european treatment of atopic eczema in adults (treat) taskforce survey P. Spuls (The Netherlands)
European guidelines on the management of patients with psychodermatological diseases A. Bewley (United Kingdom)
Novel serological biomarkers for early non-invasive diagnosis and monitoring of squamous cell carcinoma in inherited epidermolysis bullosa patients: a multicenter european study G. Zambruno (Italy)
European web platform for the development of a scoring classifier for early melanoma detection E. Moscarella (Italy)
Partner bereavement and skin disease S. Langan (United Kingdom)
European prurigo project M. Fernandes Lobo Pereira (Germany)
A Prospective, Open, Comparative, Multi-Centre Photopatch Test Study of Patients Suspected of Photoallergy to Organic Sunscreens and Topical Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs Used Within Europe N. Ralph (Ireland)
Creation of the dermatology-specific proxy instrument for assessment of quality of life in children under 4 years P. Chernyshov (Ukraine)
Analysis of Factors Influencing Sessions and Speakers Evaluation in the EADV Congress L. Naldi (Italy)
Incidence and risk factors of squamous cell carcinoma metastases in organ transplant recipients, the “SCOPE-ITSCC metastases study” J.N. Bouwes Bavinck (The Netherlands)
Methylisothiazolinone contact allergy in Europe - risk factors and consequences W. Uter (Germany)
Vascularization of random pattern flaps and skin grafts: in vivo prospective study by laser speckle contrast analysis R. Vieira (Portugal)
European Guidelines for Ichthyosis therapy J. Mazereeuw-Hautier (France)
Raising the profile of HIV testing in Dermatology and Venereology A. Robinson (United Kingdom)
Development of a European Hidradenitis Suppurativa Registry T. Tzellos (Norway)
European Collection of Educational Virtual Dermatopathology Slides E. Mooney (Iceland)
Development of diagnostic criteria and establishing an international data base of patients with allergic reactions to metal implants P. Thomas (Germany)
Development, validation and implementation of a “Vitiligo Extent Score”: coordinated by the VETF (Vitiligo European Task Force) and VIGCC (Vitiligo Global Issues Consensus Conferences) Group. N. van Geel (Belgium)
Safety and Efficacy of a 0.5mg/kg/day dose of prednisone as initial Treatment of Bullous Pemphigoid:
Validation of the EADV/EDF Guideline Therapeutic Ladder
P. Joly (France)
Development of Nomenclature and Diagnostic Criteria for Cutaneous Vasculitis C. Sunderkoetter (Germany)
A Questionnaire Survey to determine variation in the diagnostics and treatment of Lentigo Maligna among European Dermatologists and Residents C. van Montfrans (The Netherlands)
European evidence-based Guidelines on the Treatment of Herpes Zoster A. Nast (Germany)
A Multicentre International Prospective Observational Study for the Identification of Prognostic Factors in Patients with Mycosis Fungoides/Sézary Syndrome: Proposal for a Multicentre Data Integration Study for the Development of a Prognostic Index J. Scarisbrick (United Kingdom)
Development of an Internationl Image database of Dermatological Cases: IMADERM Plus C. Salavastru (Romania)
Establishing a disease registry for patients suffering from Chronic Urticaria - CURE (Chronic Urticaria REgistry) M. Maurer (Germany)
European Network on Assessment of Severity and Burden of Pruritus (PruNet) S. Ständer (Germany)
Improving care for Patients with congenital Melanocytic Nevi by development of standardised patient-important outcome measures (STANDomCMN) S. Pasmans (The Netherlands)
European Guidelines for Cutaneous Lupus Erythematosus A. Kuhn (Germany)
Development of dermatopathological expertise in Africa:
A multicentric European project
H. Beltraminelli (Switzerland)
Continuation of the funding for the "Bombay Leprosy Project"
for the period 2013-2015
V.V. Pai (India)
Development of the European Rare and Severe Psoriasis Expert Network (ERASPEN) A. Navarini (United Kingdom)
The European Network for Localized Scleroderma P. Moinzadeh
T. Krieg (Germany)
The Genodermatoses Network J. Bauer (Austria)
Joint Scientific Implementation and evaluation of the EADV Europrevention S.M. John (Germany)