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Sunbed ultraviolet radiation is ‘a complete carcinogen’, EU panel says

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01 Dec 2016

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Optimised strategies for the identification of skin sensitising chemicals

Animal-free testing strategies for the identification of chemicals with the potential to cause skin allergy

13 Oct 2016

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Hairdressing sector social partners raise strong concerns on skin-testing

Social partners call for the abolition of the self-testing method

20 Sep 2016

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JRC: How safe are our tattoos and permanent makeup?

The Joint Research Committee of the European Commission publishes a report exploring the safety and regulation of the inks used for tattoos and permanent makeup

19 Aug 2016

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Europe sees constant increase in gonorrhoea infections

Between 2008 and 2014, the overall rate of reported gonorrhoea infections has more than doubled across Europe

30 May 2016

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14.5 million European workers unprotected from risks of skin cancer

Article on by Prof. Dr. Swen Malte John and Nikos Manaras

04 Apr 2016

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Skin Cancer: European Outdoor Workers' Number One Enemy

Event in the European Parliament under the auspices of the "Skin Cancer: Safe Work Under The Sun" Campaign

01 Apr 2016

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Small? We don't think so!

EADV reacts to European Commission’s publication on Better Regulation and Occupational Health and Safety

25 Nov 2015

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